Smoked Jerky

How to make tasty Smoked Jerky in an electric or wood smoker

smoked jerky

Ingredients for basic smoked jerky recipe

2 lbs beef (sirloin, top round, flank or similar – avoid fatty or tough cuts). Venison is also a good option for smoked jerky but should be a little drier than beef jerky

1 TS Ground pepper

1 cup Soy Sauce

1 TS Worcestershire sauce

Small amount of hot pepper sauce or pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)


Slice the meat for your smoked jerky into flat layers about ¼ inch thick. Remove any fat. If you have trouble slicing the meat try placing it in the freezer for about an hour before preparing. Try to keep the thickness as consistent as possible as this helps with consistent drying.

Layer meat into sauce and cover in fridge for 8-24 hours (overnight is good).

Use low heat on outdoor smoker (about 150 degrees, max of 175 degrees), lightly oil the grid to prevent sticking.

Lay the meat flat, do not overlap (or skewer and hang the strips if that is an option). Leave until outsides are dry but meat is still slightly wet (can bend but not break).  Depending on how thick you slice the meat, the drying should take about 4-8 hours. Do not over dry the meat, it will continue to dry out a bit after you remove it from the smoker and it cools down.


  • If you want smoky flavored try experimenting with adding the following woods: Apple or Cherry (mild sweet flavor); Hickory (stronger flavor, hint of bacon). Also try blending Apple or Cherry with Hickory to even out the flavor. Note – Mesquite can also be used but is much stronger so use sparingly.
  • Try a batch with adding 4-8 TS Honey, Teriyaki Sauce, Molasses or Maple Syrup to make it slightly sweeter.
  • If you like spicy jerky add some red pepper flakes to the marinade.
  • Some fresh peeled and grated ginger can add a really nice taste to your usual jerky receipe.

Store the finished product in a vacuum sealed bag (preferable) or airtight container (e.g. zip lock bag, air pressed out) in the refrigerator.

Variations of Tasty Smoked Jerky (these were made with an electric smoker)

Honey Mesquite Smoked Jerky

smoked jerky



Prime Rib Smoked Jerky – In Black Pepper Spice Rub

smoked jerky smoked jerky



Teriyaki Smoked Jerky with Red Pepper Flakes

smoked jerky smoked jerky