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Smoked Jerky

How to make Tasty Jerky in an Electric or Wood Smoker Ingredients for Basic Recipe 2 lbs beef (sirloin, top round, flank or similar – avoid fatty or tough cuts). Venison is also a good option for this jerky recipe. 1 TS Ground pepper 1 cup Soy Sauce

How to make your own Biltong at home

How to Make Delicious Biltong at Home The batch pictured below took about 1/2 hour of prep time  and cost less than $15…! Ingredients for approx. 2lbs of meat: – 2 lbs good beef cut (or venison if you have available) – White distilled vinegar – Worcestershire Sauce

South African “Potjiekos” Recipe

Potjiekos (“Pot Food” translated into English) is traditionally cooked over open coals in a black three legged cast iron pot three-legged pot. The cast iron pots (the potjie) were brought from the Netherlands to South Africa in the 1600’s and are now found in many of homes of

Cape Malay Curry Recipe

Cape Malay curries are very distinctive and rely on bold fruity flavors and aromas (combining sweet and savory flavors) and are not quite as hot or spicy as  some of the Indian curries. The Cape Malay curry is a special blend of spices not found in other

South African Vetkoek Recipe

Vetkoek – A Quick and Easy Recipe Vetkoek are essentially deep fried dough buns that can be eaten with anything from apricot jam to curry mince and so can be a meal by itself, a snack or even a desert. The Dutch Voortrekkers began making vetkoek because it was

South African Butternut Soup

Many South Africans think of butternut squash soup as the national soup of South Africa and it is served in restaurants, homes, and even on safari. Ingredients: 1 tbsp Butter  2 Medium Onions chopped 2 Cloves Garlic chopped 4 Cups (1 liter) Water  1 Chicken Stock Cube 1 Cup

Buttermilk Rusks (Beskuit)

Rusks (know as Beskuit in Afrikaans) date back to early South African settlers. Today there are many varieties including sweet and healthy options. Making them is pretty simple: balls of dough are packed into loaf tins and baked in the oven then separated and dried out completely

Portuguese Style Peri-Peri (Spicy) Grilled Chicken

This delicious spicy chicken recipe is a flame grilled, Portuguese style, butterfly-cut spicy grilled chicken. Peri-peri is the Swahili word for chile peppers. This grilled chicken is a spicy dish with roots in old Portuguese colonized Africa, primarily in Angola and Mozambique when Portuguese settlers arrived and

Koeksisters Recipe

Koeksisters originate from the Dutch and Malay people that settled in Cape Town. They are plaits of deep-fried dough dipped in syrup that have a crispy exterior and soft sweet stick inside. Lightly spiced dough is deep fried then immediately dunked into an ice-cold flavored sugar syrup for

Melktart (Milk Tart / Milk Desert) Recipe

Melktert is Afrikaans for “milk tart” and is a Dutch inspired South African dessert. The crispy pastry crust holds a cold (cooked) milk based “custard like” filling with cinnamon or nutmeg sprinkling on top.  It is somewhat similar to Portuguese custard pies and Chinese egg pies. This is


This is a Dutch recipe that originates from the Indonesian dish Bobotok. The recipe first shows up in a Dutch cookbook dating to 1609 and was introduced in South Africa by Dutch settlers and subsequently adopted by the Cape Malay community. The curry gives it a slight